Invisalign Treatment

What are Invisalign removable aligners?

Thanks to new technology, we can now take digital impressions that allow us to make a set of plastic retainers that will align your teeth discreetly, according to a prescription custom-made for every patient.

The plastic is made with high quality medical polyurethane resin, that is nearly invisible. You need to wear the aligners 22h a day to see the results. The Invisalign treatment is much more precise than traditional orthodontic treatments because this treatmentis personalised to each patient.

The set of aligners will move your teeth slowly until they are exactly where we want them to be. Every movement is designed to be executed in the most comfortable manner possible. Most treatments last 6 to 18 months.

Benefits of the Invisalign treatment

More comfortable; traditional braces have sharp edges that can irritate your cheeks and lips. The removable aligners are made in high quality resin, and have soft edges, which makes it more comfortable for our patients. 

Allow better hygiene: the aligners are removable for that reason it is a lot easier to brush and floss then with braces. With the traditional treatment, food can get stock and can cause gum problem or even cavities.

The Invisalign treatment can correct occlusion problems such as overbites and underbites. These malocclusions can cause more serious problems like chewing problem, jaw pain and more difficulty pronouncing.

You will not need to come in as often for follow-ups then with braces.
Having straight teeth will boost your self-confidence, no matter what age you are, your self-confidence is important. 

Steps of appointments:

  • We will start with a free orthodontic consultation; we will diagnose your malocclusion and discuss your expectations with you.​
  • During your first orthodontic appointment, we will take all the measurements needed and take x rays. We will also take digital impressions.​
  • Delivery of aligners: The delay of fabrication takes approximately 1month. Once we receive them, we will show you how to put your alignerson and remove them safely. We will give you all our recommendationson what to do and what not to do.
  • We will see you for follow-ups every 2 months to make sure everything is going as planned.

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